Off-grid with solar container

Date completionJully 2018
Budget50 000€
number of sites1
Container typePowerTainer
FundingHérault Energies


Total installation in an isolated site in the Hérault to cover the needs of a private individual, and part of the needs of his farm.

Designed and built according to the best practices by ERM Energies, this installation is made up of the best equipment available on the market, all put together in our workshops based in Carpentras, France.

On the technical level :

  • Human/Machine Interface Victron CCGX
  • Charger inverter Victron Quattro 8000
  • Regulator Victron Smart/Solar  150/100
  • DC cabinet and boxes DC, ERM Energies “PowERM” compliant UTE 15-712-2
  • Boxes AC ERM Energies “PowERM” compliant UTE 15-712-2
  • Batteries OPzS 1400Ah C100 48V
  • Photovoltaic generator 4.2kWp composed of 14 Solarwatt 60M Style modules, made in Germany
  • Photovoltaic structure STR2 ERM Energies anodized black made in France

The STR2 ERM Energies structure, here anodized in black to limit the visual impact in natural areas.

The technical room is built from a new 20-foot modified DRY container in the Workshop, still in France, dressed with a wooden cladding in Douglas pine to blend in with the rest of the house.

The installation covers the needs of an individual, and part of the needs of his farm.